1. Bruise
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lyrics and music by Anna Tutor

Oh this child inside...

Slip into the cold dark water
You sink straight to the bottom
It covers everything and you can't breathe

Just suck it in the water
Fill your lungs with icy fire
And you have never known such freedom
From living

Oh, pretty one
Make me feel like
I'm not alone
But I am

Oh this child inside It aches it hungers
For a wonton love it cannot find
Say it's not too late
To take these dreams and face
The crimes for words you dare not say
You sing instead

You sing oh
Pretty one
Make me feel like
I'm not so old
But I am

Hold your anger
Keep it coming
It keeps you whole, you know
It satisfies you
It satisfies
It will be the thing that breaks this very day
Don't be afraid
Of living

Oh, pretty one
Make me feel like
I have a soul
When I don't